10:20-11:20 - SESSION 2

10:20-11:20 - SESSION 2

Auditorium -
Crash Course: Educational Videos - Alexis Dahl
Interested in making educational videos but aren’t sure where to start? Great! Welcome! Alexis has been working for major YouTube channels since 2016, including Crash Course(14M+ subscribers) and SciShow (7M+ subscribers). In this workshop, she’ll share her top strategies for making compelling video content at any skill or equipment level. Participants will have an opportunity to practice those skills by writing a script and/or joining Alexis for a short video Editing 101 session.

EduPuzzle: Getting Started - Caity Burnell
Ready to boost learning and engagement with Edpuzzle? In this hands-on session, teachers will learn how to create engaging video lessons, embed assessment questions, and navigate easy-to-read data in Edpuzzle. This powerful platform is a must-have for your EdTech toolkit!

KEEP Track, KEEP Organized, KEEP Sane, Google KEEP - Lissa Brunan
Google Keep is a list maker's DREAM and a dreamer's LIFELINE. It's about time those yellow sticky notes got a digital upgrade! Google Keep brings together all of our favorite features of digital lists but then adds the SECRET INGREDIENT...some Google magic, including a mobile app, Chrome extension, and some amazing integration into other Google tools. Learn the secrets about how KEEP can become your new personal assistant. Be ready to stick your last note, because once you meet Keep, you'll never use them again. Oh, and did I mention, you ALREADY have access, AND it's FREE!?

CT for Teaching and Learning - Aman Yadav
Computational thinking (CT) can help K-12 educators bring computational tools and practices to their classrooms to support disciplinary learning. In this session, Dr. Aman Yadav will share how elementary and middle school teachers can integrate CT to support disciplinary learning. Using hands-on activities participants will understand CT practices (debugging, decomposition, abstraction, and patterns) and how they can be embedded in classrooms.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom K-8 - Melissa White
Discover 21Things4Students (5-9) and MiTechKids K-5), two FREE programs sponsored by the REMC Association of MI. Both projects have ready-made curricula and lessons to introduce and integrate technology into the classroom. Learn about the resources available and projects that have been created for teachers with tutorials for both students and teachers. 

Setting Up Your Powerschool Gradebook - Sophie Legault
Are you new to teaching or new to PowerSchool and PowerTeacher Pro and the Gradebook? Perhaps you just want to spend some time to understand how to use the Gradebook. This session will go over the Gradebook in Powerschool. Create assignments, categories, grade calculations, and categories.  

SEL Playground - Sarah Wood
This session will explore ways to integrate SEL through both analog and digital mediums, using a "Playground" learning frame. The SEL Playground is a dynamic and interactive learning space that allows for creativity, collaboration, communication, and connecting over content that promotes social and emotional development.  Participants will be introduced to a range of resources and strategies to integrate SEL in their own contexts, including hands-on activities, games, and digital tools. The session will also provide an overview of key concepts and frameworks related to SEL, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and responsible decision-making. Participants will leave with practical ideas for implementing SEL in their classrooms or schools, as well as a toolkit of resources and strategies to continue their professional development in this area.