1:20-2:05 - SESSION 4

1:20-2:05 - SESSION 4

Esports Open Lab
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time.
Come play with us!  Esports is increasing in popularity in secondary schools, colleges, and professional leagues.  This is an informal session. Bring a friend to see Central High School's Computer and Esports Lab and play Rocket League, Mario Kart, or Smash Brothers with other teachers, administration, and staff.  Feel free to ask any questions and network.

STEM and Social Studies - Crystal Milne
This session will focus on incorporating STEM technology and skills into an upper elementary classroom. I will highlight websites and apps that I use with my students on a daily basis. We will focus on how to use local resources (REMC, MiSTEM, CAP) to increase STEM opportunities for students. This will be an opportunity for teachers to learn about technologies that I’m using as well as an opportunity for teachers to share what works for their classroom. Let’s connect and discuss how to use STEM to enhance what you’re already doing in the classroom.

Re-Engaging the Student and the Teacher - Erin Luckhardt
Part of our job as educators is to prepare students for the next phase of life in addition to teaching content. Self-management, prioritization, intentional collaboration, asking questions for understanding as well as working to their potential are all a part of this model. Join us to learn how we’ve stepped aside so that our students take ownership of their learning and are more prepared for life, while finding more balance in our own teaching lives.

Gamifying Your Classroom - Kimberli Wregglesworth
Teachers will learn how they can use Classcraft to better engage their students, encourage collaboration, and help students grow both academically and socio-emotionally. Students love games, and Classcraft gives teachers the ability to leverage that shared experience and connect with students in an authentic way. In order to be successful, students have to collaborate within the game, building teamwork and a positive classroom culture. Classcraft can support PBIS, MTSS, and SEL competencies natively, with many research-backed presets ready to implement from day one. This student-centered platform can inform teaching and learning through high-fidelity data that can provide teachers and administrators with clear insights into student behavior and what should be improved. Best of all, it’s fun and students look forward to coming to class everyday to level up, learn real-world powers, and work together so everyone achieves more.

Promoting STEM Through Literature  - Sam Walter and Drea Weiner
Promoting STEM Through Literature is a great way to get your kids up and thinking. It uses inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving through STEM and ELA while also inspiring the kiddos to use empathy and design thinking. 

Immersive Storytelling with Dungeons and Dragons - Du Bui
In this session participants will experience Dungeon and Dragons in short form format. They will also unpack and use some of the free official educational resources  from the creators of Dungeon and Dragons. Benefits for creating a roleplaying experience for students can be found in social emotional learning, reaching reluctant readers, arts, and even STEM practices. Look forward to..... as much as we can pack within the allowed time! 

Podcasting Confessions - Sarah Wood & REMC2 Team
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time. 
Podcasting is all the rage!  Take this opportunity to have an in-depth chat with this experienced podcasting team.  Get your questions answered and then pick their brains about starting a podcast in your school or classroom.  Share your #WIREDTC conference reflections on camera and/or audio and get entered to win a FREE REGISTRATION TO MACUL24!