12:25-1:10 - SESSION 3

12:25-1:10 - SESSION 3

Esports Open Lab
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time.
Come play with us!  Esports is increasing in popularity in secondary schools, colleges, and professional leagues.  This is an informal session. Bring a friend to see Central High School's Computer and Esports Lab and play Rocket League, Mario Kart, or Smash Brothers with other teachers, administration, and staff.  Feel free to ask any questions and network.

EduPuzzle: Next Level - Caity Burnell
Ready to take your Edpuzzle skills to the next level? In this hands-on session, educators will learn how to create engaging and effective video lessons with Edpuzzle. Participants will experience Edpuzzle Live Mode, learn specific strategies to level up embedded questions, and explore engaging and rigorous content options in our digital library. We will also share new features like audio responses, Edpuzzle Originals, and student projects. Come find out how you can get the most from Edpuzzle!

Secrets of a Digitally Organized Educator - Lissa Brunan
Gmail overload stressing you out? Frustrated by the frantic searching for a file needed in Drive? Tired of living in the world of 1,000 tabs in Chrome? It's time to create a better digital system and reclaim your sanity. You CAN increase your efficiency while reducing stress and anxiety. Learning these tips & tricks guarantees the time invested during the session pays off immediately.

Ready or Not: AI is Here - Peter Milne
Let's talk about all things AI. This session is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn more about this new technology.  We will play around with AI as we work through classroom implications and ethical considerations.  We will discuss how to use it as a teacher to decrease your workload and how to talk to students about responsible usage.  Finally, we will offer some guidance about AI classroom policy.  Things are changing so quickly - let's take some time to really explore Artificial Intelligence. This session includes time to collaborate with others about AI.

Connecting CS and CT to Student Learning - Cheryl Wilson
Computer Science (CS) and Computational Thinking (CT) can be connected to (i.e. integrated into) any content area and grade level. In this session, participants will gain strategies for connecting CS and CT to content area standards, lessons, and learning. In addition, participants will explore resources that connect CS and CT to the classroom.

#DigCit for Beginners - Danelle Brostrom
Even our youngest students are interacting, exploring, learning, gaming, and/or creating content online. The digital lives of our students are so different from what we experienced - let's get you caught up!  During this session, we will share some new digital citizenship resources, and dive into why it's important to have these discussions with your students.  We will also connect virtually with Common Sense Media, a leader in this space.  This session will be geared towards the beginner who needs help getting started!

Podcasting Confessions - Sarah Wood & REMC2 Team
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time. 
Podcasting is all the rage!  Take this opportunity to have an in-depth chat with this experienced podcasting team.  Get your questions answered and then pick their brains about starting a podcast in your school or classroom.  Share your #WIREDTC conference reflections on camera and/or audio and get entered to win a FREE REGISTRATION TO MACUL24!