2:15-3:00 - SESSION 5

2:15-3:00 - SESSION 5

Esports Open Lab
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time.
Come play with us!  Esports is increasing in popularity in secondary schools, colleges, and professional leagues.  This is an informal session. Bring a friend to see Central High School's Computer and Esports Lab and play Rocket League, Mario Kart, or Smash Brothers with other teachers, administration, and staff.  Feel free to ask any questions and network.

Canva: The Playground of Education - Danielle Humphrey
Canva is the playground of design, creativity, and inspiration. Just like a playground, there are a variety of things to play on in here. But what if you aren't a creative, designer type? Let's see what Canvas AI can do for you. What if you don't have time to create? Your students do. Canva isn't just for teachers. It can be used by students too.  In this session, I'll show you some basics of Canva, and then we'll start going a little deeper. Let's just see how big of a sand castle we can make inside this sandbox! 

Programming Robots Without Robots - Marc Alderman
Are you interested in programming robots in your classroom but don’t have any robots?  Want to teach or expose students to computer science in a fun and engaging way?  VEXcode VR is the tool for you.  All you need is a device (yes even a Chromebook) with a connection to the internet.  Did I mention the base level is FREE!?  In the workshop today Marc will show you how to access VEXcode VR and the plethora of editable resources that VEX provides.  He will show you how to manipulate the virtual onscreen robot to solve programming challenges like knocking over castles or cleaning up a coral reef.  We will try some sample programming challenges ourselves and imagine how we could use this in our classroom.

Let's Go On a Virtual Field Trip - Cassie Thelen
Do you like the concept of field trips but don't have the money, time, patience, limited options, etc?  Join me to learn more about virtual field trips.  Bring the world into your classroom using images, sites and apps.  This session is great for both elementary and secondary educators.  Let's ignite curiosity and open a world of wonder to your students! 

Show Me the Money - Drea Weiner
Did you know that there are classroom resources and grants available for you to apply? No? Well come join Drea and she'll help you understand the process, how to ID a great opportunity and save yourself some time so it's not overwhelming. In the end, you'll be comfortable so MiSTEM Network Mini-Grants, MACUL grants, and the Civil Air Patrol resources are all within your grasp.

The STEM ESPORTS Experience - Du Bui
In this session participants will take part in a esports experience but with a focus on STEM careers. They will play, explore, and create items that their students could potentially replicate in the classroom. It is encouraged that participants bring a laptop of some sort as they will take part in mini project based experiences. 

Podcasting Confessions - Sarah Wood & REMC2 Team
This is a drop-in lab - stop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time. 
Podcasting is all the rage!  Take this opportunity to have an in-depth chat with this experienced podcasting team.  Get your questions answered and then pick their brains about starting a podcast in your school or classroom.  Share your #WIREDTC conference reflections on camera and/or audio and get entered to win a FREE REGISTRATION TO MACUL24!