Hi, I'm Alexis.

I’m a science communicator, storyteller, and artist based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I describe myself as someone who likes to “make things,” which is an intentionally broad statement. If it involves creating something where there was once nothing, I’m probably interested.

This love of making stuff means that, over the years, I’ve picked up skills from writing to hosting to video editing to animating. And in particular, I love using those skills to tell stories celebrating how vast, fascinating, and just downright unexpected this world often is.

During the workday, you can find me doing one of two things: (1) producing videos trying to better understand my corner of the planet (the state of Michigan) over at YouTube.com/AlexisDahl, and (2) helping other people tell educational stories, through freelance writing, editing, and hosting.

Before all this, I was the Managing Editor for the acclaimed YouTube series SciShow, where I ran pitch meetings, wrote and edited scripts, worked with sponsors, and supervised a deeply talented team of editors.

I'm excited to work with you at #WIREDTC!