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George Couros Keynote


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Sanée Bell says the following; “Students should have rich, relevant, and authentic experiences at school, across the board.” Starting with this thinking, what are some of the ways that we can “innovate inside the box” to immediately empower our students and educators to create those experiences within the school while understanding there are constraints and barriers in education? Although teaching face-to-face is different than in a remote or a hybrid learning situation, the core values of what is important should stay the same no matter the environment. How do we ensure that we support our educators, communities, and students while we are all feeling overwhelmed? How do we embrace the “Innovator’s Mindset” when innovation is no longer optional, but necessary for all learners? The “core of innovative teaching and learning” focuses on four areas where we need to deepen and push our thinking to create an environment within education to develop our students as the leaders of not only tomorrow but give our students opportunities to make an impact on the world today.

George Couros Workshop 1


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The role of school/district administrator is essential to what happens in the classroom, yet we often are unaware of some of the amazing opportunities that social media is not only providing our students and teachers, but ourselves as well. As school administrators, we need to be the “Learning Leader” for our organization and social media gives us the opportunity to connect, openly learn, and humanize our organization. When we learn together first, only then can we effectively lead our schools to continuous improvement.

George Couros Workshop 2


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We often tell our students that what they do online can affect their future, but do we share or teach them how their online presence can also provide them opportunities that we never had as kids? There are many great examples of people and students doing things to not only improve their own prospects, but to improve the lives of those in their schools, communities, and around the world. Kids have a chance to make a difference, and we need to focus on giving them both the opportunities and tools to make a difference in their world through the effective use of technology and social media.

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My name is George Couros, and I am currently an Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant and speaker and the author of “The Innovator’s Mindset” and “Innovate Inside the Box” and co-owner of IMPress Books. I have worked at all school levels, from K-12 as a teacher, technology facilitator, and school and district administrator, and I am currently an Adjunct Instructor with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. I believe that creating a collaborative environment with all stakeholders will help to ensure that we meet the best needs of all children.

I am lucky to be the father of two wonderful children, Kallea and Georgia, and I am driven to ensure that they and every student have amazing experience in their K-12 schooling. I am not focused solely on preparing students for the “real world” but want them to make the real world better.

By being curious, collaborative, and open to new learning, we can truly inspire our students to not only be prepared for the real world but ensure that they make the world better than it is now.

I believe that meaningful change happens when you first connect to people’s hearts and then their minds, and I do my best to model this through my speaking, writing, and daily work.

I appreciate you being here and all that you do for children and the adults that serve them!